THREE simple steps that will DOUBLE your productivity in 100% by 24 hours


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This post is all about three steps that will:

  • SAVE you two HOURS a day
  •  DOUBLE your productivity
  • Bring about a real change in your life and the lives of others in your environment

1. Plan – every minute of planning will save you 10 minutes of action. Planning allows us to be arranged and informed about the  amount and quality needed to complete tasks. Planning allows us to see our agenda before we approach its implementation.

2. Prioritize – Use priority is critical because there are few tasks whose value is equal to the rest of the chores together. We must discern what the most important thing in our day and go for the performance as quickly as possible and to do so at the highest level. Identifying and completing the most important thing every day can change your life and increase your productivity by 50% to 75%.

3. Take time to think ahead – take more time for the important things that you have identified. Make sure you have completed the most important thing. At the same time, you avoid making low-valued tasks, if you can transfer them to someone else. Think ahead – what’s the most important thing I’ll have to do tomorrow and how to do it perfectly? Who can help you?

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Without having this in your business – it will NEVER grow

Without it your business will never flourish – and how to control it 

 In this post you will learn what THE MOST important thing in business and how to :

  • save you 5-7 hours of wasted time per week
  • achieve your business goals in half the time needed
  • put you 10000-1000 dollars a month with you a small business and more than 997 thousand dollars a month with you big business.
  • You will save two thirds of the energy being wasted for nothing.

To succeed in the cruel business world needed a lot of things; part of it is an abstract philosophy and beliefs, the other part is  perseverance and hard work.

But there is one thing that stands out above all else,

And is responsible for 100% of our tremendous achievements of human beings, the most important thing in life for success in our personal and professional alike.

From Google to the Eiffel Tower, the building of the pyramids to the landing on the moon in the late ’60s, he was simply there, in charge of EVERYTHING.

As our friends John Maxwell is always says: “One is a small number to greatness“.

I suppose you’d guessed,


After extensive work and experience on the subject came to the conclusion that there are three steps that anyone can take to reach peak performance in teamwork –

How to control and successed at teamwork

  1. Know yourself – map the areas of strength and weaknesses and get the people that to cover for your Achilles’ heel.Ask : 

“What I’m strong / competent?”

“What I am weak / medium performance”

“Where can I find a person whose performance was strong in areas where I’m weak?”.

  1. Manage promises – never manage people, set expectations in advance and manage them. People are illogical and therefore you should not deal directly with them – Know manage their promises, those who do not meet his promises, there will stay and work in your team.
  1. 3. Give them the credit –like the great mentor Jim rohn says, you do not really need it yourself. The more you give it, the more it will return in an indirect way of productive teamwork and FASTER RESUTLS. Use phrases like:

Great man, I’m glad you’re working with me as a team“.

I could not do it better.”

I appreciate the very fact that you work with me, you’re great.”

Great, thanks a lot, man, loved it.”

We’re not the same without you.”

3 simple things that will imporve your efficiency by 25 % and CHANGE your life

Three simple steps that will change your life :

Using them will :
● Reduce poor communication with people on approximately 25% -50%.
● increase the morale and efficiency of 80% of employees.
● will improve your efficiency as a manager by approximately 25%.

The three steps are:

1. Talk calmly and clearly – Never yell at people. Once you’re caught shouting you percived as – ” aggressive ” and you destroy the relationship perhaps for good, “People forget what you tell them, they forget what you did for them, but they do not forget how you make them feel.”
2. Be kind and give to your people – you never know what tomorrow holds, he often impede / surprise  for you, and not necessarily for the better. The more you do for others while when you can, they will call you and will assist you when unexpected surprises come. Ask yourself every day the most important question you can ask : “What can I do for this man/woman  that  will have the most positive impact  on him?”.
3. Do not talk, instead, ask and then listen carefully: Ask yourself how long during a conversation with an employee/a boss you are talking / listening. You have two ears and one mouth therefore you should listen twice as much as you talk. Listening is the most important verbal ability. Keep in touch and learn from those who work for you.
To be a great manager ask your people this questions :
• “What is the biggest problem / biggest despair you are as an our employee have experiencing”?
• “What do you think is the greatest opportunity of our organization grow?”
• “What do you think is the biggest mistake we do as leaders/managers”?
• “If you could pick one thing that you think will take our  organization to the next level what would it be”?

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Three simple steps to increase Sales by 300% and cut your work time by half


Ohad here.

I want to teach you a very simple principle called the 80/20 principle. What he tells Basically is  that 20% of  our inputs will generate 80% of the output – in EVERY area. so In order to succeed and triple our  sales we need to focus on 20% of customers that are responsible for a 80% of revenue.

The three steps are:

1. Identify the 20% of customers that generate your business 80% of the profits.
2. Identify their biggest problem, simply ask them: “What is the biggest problem  you are experiencing right now?”.
3. Ask them for the perfect solution for their problem. : “What do you think is the best solution for you?”. Start working on it – RIGHT NOW.

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My name is Ohad and I am a the most curious person in the world (to my opinion). When I was 17, I was sucked into the ‘world of knowledge and self help’, ever since I read hundreds of books, I met dozens of  successful people in business, I have collected dozens of insights that have expanded my horizons, my life changed for the better and forever. I have also tried and faild thousends of times so hopefully my experience will save you years of trial and error.
In this blog I will do my best to also enrich you, to teach you the same things that changed my life and helped me. I hope that your life will change for the better too.

Among the many things I will teach you :

  • How to triple your sales while doing half the work.
  • How to effectively manage your day and save two hours each day ?
  • A sentence of five words that will increase people’s confidence in you.
  • How to use Google to collect information worth $ 250,000 in two hours ?
  • Three simple steps that will ensure that your business is not going to fail.

I hope it will add great value to your business and your life,

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