THREE simple steps that will DOUBLE your productivity in 100% by 24 hours


Hey, Ohad here,

This post is all about three steps that will:

  • SAVE you two HOURS a day
  •  DOUBLE your productivity
  • Bring about a real change in your life and the lives of others in your environment

1. Plan – every minute of planning will save you 10 minutes of action. Planning allows us to be arranged and informed about the  amount and quality needed to complete tasks. Planning allows us to see our agenda before we approach its implementation.

2. Prioritize – Use priority is critical because there are few tasks whose value is equal to the rest of the chores together. We must discern what the most important thing in our day and go for the performance as quickly as possible and to do so at the highest level. Identifying and completing the most important thing every day can change your life and increase your productivity by 50% to 75%.

3. Take time to think ahead – take more time for the important things that you have identified. Make sure you have completed the most important thing. At the same time, you avoid making low-valued tasks, if you can transfer them to someone else. Think ahead – what’s the most important thing I’ll have to do tomorrow and how to do it perfectly? Who can help you?

hope you will get  a TON of value,

stay strong,


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