A blog about business, life, advice, profits and fun.

My name is Ohad and I am a the most curious person in the world (to my opinion). When I was 17, I was sucked into the ‘world of knowledge and self help’, ever since I read hundreds of books, I met dozens of  successful people in business, I have collected dozens of insights that have expanded my horizons, my life changed for the better and forever. I have also tried and faild thousends of times so hopefully my experience will save you years of trial and error.
In this blog I will do my best to also enrich you, to teach you the same things that changed my life and helped me. I hope that your life will change for the better too.

Among the many things I will teach you :

  • How to triple your sales while doing half the work.
  • How to effectively manage your day and save two hours each day ?
  • A sentence of five words that will increase people’s confidence in you.
  • How to use Google to collect information worth $ 250,000 in two hours ?
  • Three simple steps that will ensure that your business is not going to fail.

I hope it will add great value to your business and your life,

Stay strong,


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