3 simple things that will imporve your efficiency by 25 % and CHANGE your life

Three simple steps that will change your life :

Using them will :
● Reduce poor communication with people on approximately 25% -50%.
● increase the morale and efficiency of 80% of employees.
● will improve your efficiency as a manager by approximately 25%.

The three steps are:

1. Talk calmly and clearly – Never yell at people. Once you’re caught shouting you percived as – ” aggressive ” and you destroy the relationship perhaps for good, “People forget what you tell them, they forget what you did for them, but they do not forget how you make them feel.”
2. Be kind and give to your people – you never know what tomorrow holds, he often impede / surprise  for you, and not necessarily for the better. The more you do for others while when you can, they will call you and will assist you when unexpected surprises come. Ask yourself every day the most important question you can ask : “What can I do for this man/woman  that  will have the most positive impact  on him?”.
3. Do not talk, instead, ask and then listen carefully: Ask yourself how long during a conversation with an employee/a boss you are talking / listening. You have two ears and one mouth therefore you should listen twice as much as you talk. Listening is the most important verbal ability. Keep in touch and learn from those who work for you.
To be a great manager ask your people this questions :
• “What is the biggest problem / biggest despair you are as an our employee have experiencing”?
• “What do you think is the greatest opportunity of our organization grow?”
• “What do you think is the biggest mistake we do as leaders/managers”?
• “If you could pick one thing that you think will take our  organization to the next level what would it be”?

stay strong,

talk to you soon,


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