Without having this in your business – it will NEVER grow

Without it your business will never flourish – and how to control it 

 In this post you will learn what THE MOST important thing in business and how to :

  • save you 5-7 hours of wasted time per week
  • achieve your business goals in half the time needed
  • put you 10000-1000 dollars a month with you a small business and more than 997 thousand dollars a month with you big business.
  • You will save two thirds of the energy being wasted for nothing.

To succeed in the cruel business world needed a lot of things; part of it is an abstract philosophy and beliefs, the other part is  perseverance and hard work.

But there is one thing that stands out above all else,

And is responsible for 100% of our tremendous achievements of human beings, the most important thing in life for success in our personal and professional alike.

From Google to the Eiffel Tower, the building of the pyramids to the landing on the moon in the late ’60s, he was simply there, in charge of EVERYTHING.

As our friends John Maxwell is always says: “One is a small number to greatness“.

I suppose you’d guessed,


After extensive work and experience on the subject came to the conclusion that there are three steps that anyone can take to reach peak performance in teamwork –

How to control and successed at teamwork

  1. Know yourself – map the areas of strength and weaknesses and get the people that to cover for your Achilles’ heel.Ask : 

“What I’m strong / competent?”

“What I am weak / medium performance”

“Where can I find a person whose performance was strong in areas where I’m weak?”.

  1. Manage promises – never manage people, set expectations in advance and manage them. People are illogical and therefore you should not deal directly with them – Know manage their promises, those who do not meet his promises, there will stay and work in your team.
  1. 3. Give them the credit –like the great mentor Jim rohn says, you do not really need it yourself. The more you give it, the more it will return in an indirect way of productive teamwork and FASTER RESUTLS. Use phrases like:

Great man, I’m glad you’re working with me as a team“.

I could not do it better.”

I appreciate the very fact that you work with me, you’re great.”

Great, thanks a lot, man, loved it.”

We’re not the same without you.”

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